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Welcome to mysouthbrook

 Thank you for investing your time, your money, your prayers and your gifts to the movement of God at SouthBrook. We are so glad to have you as a part of our community!

2018 Giving Statements have been sent as of January 15, 2019

  • If we have have your email, it was emailed to you on 1/15/19. Check your inbox and spam folder on or about 1/15/19.

  • If we do not have your email address your statement was mailed to you on 1/23/19, you should receive shortly thereafter. 

*note: no personal data is stored on this website


If you use Pushpay to give to SouthBrook, your statement will be emailed to you.  Please log into your Pushpay account to make sure your email address is current.  You may also just view your transactions for a specific date range.

*Pushpay is our sole database for donations.  All donations are recorded in Pushpay.


Download the Pushpay app


If you donated by cash or check, statements were mailed on Jan. 23rd. If you have not received your letter in the mail, that means:
1) We have an email address on file and it was emailed to you on Jan. 15th. Please check your inbox and spam (from Pushpay).
2) We do not have your current address or email.
Please email your current address and email address.




* If you have donated both by Pushpay and cash or check and have a Pushpay account your check/cash donations should already be in your Pushpay records.